School cancelled? Resources for parents with kids at home.

My employer, Automattic, has 1173 employees working from home in 76 countries. Because of our flexible work, many Automatticians (or “a11ns”, as we call ourselves) homeschool their kids (not me though).

I have gathered these links and tips from our internal blogs. I must give huge thanks to my colleagues (work with us!) who shared these links. I hope nobody minds that I am passing them on to the world in this blog post. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Online school curriculum ideas and resources

Special deals

A few providers are offering special deals for families affected by Coronavirus.



  • IXL is personalised learning courseware for kids
  • Raz Kids has lots of books, and you can have them read to you (with text highlighting) or read them yourself. Some nice free samples.
  • Duolingo has a kids app which you can use to teach your kids a new language, without actually having to know it yourself!
  • Epic has tons of nice-looking books to read on kindle/ipad etc. and a free 30 day trial for families.

Offline educational ideas and resources

  • Nature Studies – explore outside, write about it, draw it, google it
  • Homeschool buyers co-op has a large list of books and other learning resources at great prices

More-casual-but-still-educational resources

  • Joy of museums is a blog of virtual museum exhibits!
  • Scratch is a neat visual programming environment for kids that works in your browser
  • also has interactive programming courses
  • PBS Kids has tons of fun apps, games and content

Facebook groups for homeschoolers of various stripes

I must give credit for this list to my colleague Kay:

Tips for keeping things running smoothly at home

More broadly, the home-schooling parents among us recommended:

  • Strict and regular daily schedules – the Khan Academy has created an excellent schedule template you can use
  • Well… that was it actually. Schedule schedule schedule.

Totally unrelated

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