• Pandemic still raging. More cases than ever. Barely, it seems, elected non-pandemic-denier. Work cut out for him.

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  • Today I tried to help a 6-year-old get online in Minecraft. After an hour of trying, I still couldn’t do it. I think I have silently slipped into the generation that doesn’t understand computers.

  • Things I have done recently to show up for my community:
    – batteries for Emily’s Apple TV remote
    – Deena web site consultation
    – Yoga dive video editing
    – Cookies for neighbours
    – Garden beds for kids
    – Music to entertain friends

  • When I tell Google Assistant that “it’s party time”, my arcade cabinet and garage lamps turn on and it starts playing random pavement songs on the smart speaker.

    Life goals: accomplished.

  • Spent my time away from the kids renewing my anti-anxiety medication. New normal?

  • This morning I took all the time necessary to thread a string back into the hood of my hoodie.

  • Typical fucking day

  • Easter. Linked my Google Assistant to my arcade cabinet.

  • I recorded a song with Brent!

    Not quite done yet, needs a real guitar solo and some drums…

  • Built a paper city with the older kids while the youngers were sleeping.

  • This morning: up at 5am, drove to Yuba CIty for toilet paper (success!)
    9-12: With all 4 kids. Lots of music! Kellea made Matzoh with the bigger ones.
    12-2: Getting Asa and Lake down to nap, cleaning house.

  • Made chocolate cookies

  • 6-9: Split looking after kids with Kellea
    9-12: Went for a walk. Called Stephanie at CBV. Went for a run. Had a shower. Cleaned up the house a little.

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    Last day of work for a while. Project ideas include:

    – just surviving

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    What a time to be alive.

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    Today I had a THC edible at 10:15am. I am supervising four children by myself. The wheels are coming off the wagon, folks.

  • Picnic!

  • Today I heard about a separate friend of a friend who has it. Luckily she is young and not suffering too badly.

  • Today was the first day a friend told me her family were sick with Coronavirus. Not some of them – practically all of them.

    Almost all of us, in the next three weeks, will have that experience (if you haven’t already). The experience of the virus entering our world, manifesting in our lives in almost-direct form.

    It’s a horrible feeling.

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